Art Review - Cultured decorative

The vast display of paintings at Ista (May 16 to 18) presented by Art is Zen Gallery, which basically functions on the internet, had an array of cultured but mostly just pleasant styles of well-established, popular kinds. As expected, abstraction formed a major part of it beginning with a fine, small serigraph by S H Raza. Among the abstractionists who included the familiar Manish Pushkale, a strong contribution came from Jenson Anto, interesting from Mohan Malaviya and passionate from Atila Schroeder. Most of the figuration, whether it was dated and literal, ethnic modernist or relatively contemporary, relied heavily on decorative composition and stylisation. By comparison, one appreciated the sincerity of Prabhu Harsoor and Varna Sindhu, as well as the innocent intensity of Puran Singh Chuda.