In search of spiritual solace

Dr. L. Subramaniam And Atila at inauguration

Atila Schroeder was born in Sombor in Serbia and comes from a German-Serbian descent. He is a well-known physiotherapist in his home town.

However, his interests do not end in physiotherapy. They range from spirituality to art and metaphysics to cooking.

“I am a good Indian Sathvic cook and it is pleasure to introduce Indian cooking to my friends who have never had a taste of India. I also play the Indian flute and the French horn,” he says. Atila is on a spiritual search, and his search is reflected in the form of metaphysical shapes and mystical forms.

He has lived as a monk for 6 years, out of which he spent some time in India. His first Indian experience was in 1996, when he stayed in Vrindavan and Mayapur.

“My experience was like coming back home - the best term I can use to convey the way I feel about India, for some reason I feel this very strongly,” says the physiotherapist and artist who is in the city for one of his exhibitions.

During his stay in India, he studied Indian spiritual scriptures and grew spiritually.

On how spirituality became so much a part of his life, he says, “From the age of 15, I was very interested in spirituality and had already read about yoga. I was raised as an atheist but some how I always knew that there is a higher source we all come from as well as a higher purpose in life. That’s the longing that I have been following and will continue to search for.”

“Art came to me as a tool to find myself and my higher calling. As a child, I was very lively. I was gifted with the talent of art and music. My works express my inner self and journey of the soul; it is especially related to the level where there are no differences between religion, gender or nationalities. On a spiritual level these things do not exist.”

Atila who still practices physiotherapy says that he is more into traditional medical disciplines, such as repositions of joints, spinal cord, massage therapy and traditional Japanese Shiatsu therapy.