Soulful Realisation

My Essence 3x4 ft oil on canvas 2007.jpg

Every journey begins from the soul, meandering through pathways you didn’t know even existed. Journey of the Soul is Atila Schroeder’s latest offering as he goes on a quest for self-realization through Art. Half German half Serbian artist says: “There is creative restlessness at each stage, and I paint till I find a place inside me that’s peaceful.”

The 16 oil paintings are vibrant yet peaceful. Though they reflect the same theme –the soul- they are diametrically different in their treatment and composition. The palette is dominated by powder blues, royal purple, light greens and yellows, with circle representing chakra's and the movement of the universe.

The collection is dedicated to India and the inspiration she gives him. "Aham Brahmasmi -I am from spirit Created” ( Sanskrit) captures the evolution of the soul from the smallest insect to a man, in beautiful tones of lemon yellow, peacock green and soft blues. It is the only painting with Indian title the owes its origin to the artist’s leaning towards Indian spiritual texts. This is juxtaposed against "Ocean of Life" in deep blue and multitude of circles with silvery tones like, like countless bubbles in the ocean at night – an allusion to our inter-connectedness with the water of the universe. “Expansion of Soul” is like storm brewing in a teacup, with vivid colors, short brush strokes and a lot of movement. “Journey of the Soul” is a veritable feast for the eyes – a painting in two parts. The “male” aspect that sees the beginning of creation with tranquility, while a “female” in contrast, is a metaphor of the womb. The red is distinct and symbolic of emotion, womanhood and Mother Earth herself. My Essence is the only painting with a silhouette. At the center is an incandescent glow which is a reflection of the artist surrounded by the world yet seeks to rise above it and find his own essence. “We should be brave enough to be who we truly are. We need to have faith in ourselves. In that sense, Art belongs to no one, it connects to all souls,” says Schroeder.

“Journey of the Soul” is on till May 21 at Welcome Art Gallery, Windsor Manor Sheraton, 11 am till 7.30 pm.