The Mystic Art of Zen

“The artist needs but a roof, a crust of bread, and his easel, and all the rest God gives him in abundance. He must live to paint and not to paint to live” said Albert Pinkham Ryder.

Atila Schroeder’s paintings are reflection of his spiritual search. The metaphysical shapes and forms bring life to his canvas, watching the mystical forms appear and disappear in to his canvas is like water mark of his work. He brings a different tempo to the canvas, with unleashed movements of brush and paint. Each of his painting is the sequence of creation.

The intensity of his paintings is soft, yet playful robust of colors seems to crawl over the canvas all by themselves. Explosions that flood from the center of the painting are like traveling through another dimension, while transporting us to a level where we connect with our inner self. His paintings are spiritual with no set form, yet they convey a search for the higher intelligence. It is just like stained glass that captures the white light and fractures it with vivid colors. The enigma of his work keeps the mind alive and coming back for more.

Born 1970 in Sombor ( Serbia), Atila comes from a medical background. His formal recognition in the visual art’s world began with his first colective exhibition in India. Having lived as an monk for 6 years, some of that time spent in India where Atila, entered deeper realms of spirituality. His need for artistic expression, that mirrors a spontaneous movement of the soul come from deep longing for self-realization.

He has spent a lot of time styding bodywork, healing and metaphysics in remote places as Greece, Cyprus, Italy and India. All of his works reveal need for freedom of movement and his union with the universe. Atila broad artistic language has been displayed several times here in India in various exhibition’s: Solo exhibition “Art of Blue” Masters Gallery of Fine Arts 2003, as guest artist at “Jewels of Bengal” in Ashok Hotel (Bangalore) and “Night of Colors” in Windsor Manor Sheraton Hotel (Bangalore).

“Journey of the Soul” is his upcoming solo exhibition in ITC Windsor Manor Sheraton at Welcome Art Gallery. The paintings will be on display from May 16 to 21 2007.